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Our survey process helps companies manage their service provider relationship with feedback on the quality of service delivered to shareholders and plan participants

Shareholder experience

Our proprietary survey process is used by more than 30 issuers and all major transfer agents to ensure shareholder service meets contracted standards. With an independent measurement of satisfaction, you can be confident that shareholders are getting the best possible service. If an unexpected service issue occurs, you will have an objective, data-driven foundation for discussions with your transfer agent.

Plan participant experience

If your company wants an effective equity compensation plan that achieves its objectives, your participants need the best possible service experience. Objective feedback from participants is the only way to independently verify that the service from your plan administrator meets both your and your participants’ expectations.

Incentive compensation effectiveness

Companies invest significant time and money on incentive compensation plans, but lack the tools to accurately measure and understand plan effectiveness. Our proprietary process delivers objective measurement from the participant perspective, providing you with the data you need to make decisions.


why measure satisfaction?

Our research shows that issuers who have shareholder satisfaction performance measures in their contracts receive the best shareholder service.

Without objective satisfaction measurements, you do not have an effective means to evaluate and monitor actual service to your shareholders and plan participants.

Our survey process shows how your service provider compares to the industry and trends over time. This vital information gives you objective data on service levels and the ability to make data-driven decisions.