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Whether you are searching for a new service provider or working on a contract renewal, you can rely on Group Five's objective expertise and research to guide you to a fair agreement that delivers the performance you expect

Research-based Consulting Services

The data-driven insights we provide can help you with every step of identifying, selecting, and contracting with the best service providers for your needs. You’ll have full access to our independent industry research providing invaluable insights to guide your selection. Our knowledge of best practices and industry-approved performance standards will ensure you continue to receive the service you expect for the full term of your relationship.

Confidence in Your Selection of Business Partners

Group Five has over 25 years of experience helping issuers develop an RFP, evaluate proposals, and negotiate a contract. Our industry-wide benchmark data on client satisfaction gives us unique insight into the service options available in the industry. With our in-depth knowledge of pricing and contract terms we can help you:

  • Develop your RFP, evaluate proposals, and negotiate contract terms
  • Evaluate contract pricing, and terms and conditions prior to renewal
  • Assess current service provider performance and expectations
  • Understand the latest industry trends and market conditions

Performance standards
for shareholder services

Click on the button below to view a sample of our recommended shareholder service performance standards for use in transfer agent contracts.